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I have led a crew through a feast or two. Listed below are a few menus.  Some of these have been grand affairs and other intimate dinners. In all cases I could not have carried the day without the extremely willing and capable hands of family, and friends, some of them active guild members and other local talent, as well as some from far shores.

Some of the recipes used are provided on this site and the menus are clickable to those recipes. Others are not provided for a variety of reasons.

Last Chance AS XLI  (2006) Italian

Candlemas Cena AS XLIV (2010)

Junefaire AS XLI (2006)  a variety of cultures and sources.

Candlemas Luncheon AS XLVI (2012) Assorted sources

A Light Luncheon for a Pelican Vigil (2006) fast day dishes

Kingdom Feast Northern European Course (2013) German sources

 Catalan Yule Feast (2013) Sources from the Iberian Peninsula

Kingdom Feast  (2015) Roman Sources

Kingdom Feast (2016) Catalan Sources

English Yule Feast (2016)

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