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I have been writing articles for our local newsletter, The Flames of the Dragon, for some time.  Several of the ones listed below were originally published in The Flames.  More recently I have written articles exclusively for the Baronial Website or distributed via one or more e-mail lists I participate in. Also included are some papers related to A&S presentations.

 On Food and Cookery:

For Newcomers:  I am pleased to announce that the articles below were chosen for inclusion in the newest edition of The Known World Handbook!

On other topics in the SCA


 Notto Scal: Mapmakers to Popes, Princes, and Peasants Posted April 1st, 2013

More articles will be added to this list as I relocate them or write new ones.  If you would like an article on a particular topic for your publication or to reprint one listed here, Please feel free to contact me through this link: Rycheza z Polska



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