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Main Recipe Index I am singularly blessed with a husband who not only gives me his support emotionally but also lends his skills to making the very tools we use in our Demo Kitchen. For more on Mateusz and his workshop see About Mateusz.





A common tool for any work with fire is the bellows. This is a set Matt made for the kitchen on display at the Honey War Art & Sciences competition, 2008. It is unfortunate that the documentation obscures the air intake holes.

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This grater is based on a Dutch painting. It is made out of a sheet of punched copper and a shaped board. Graters performed many tasks in the medieval kitchen.




Benches This is one of several sturdy benches we use around the kitchen and the woodshop demo Mateusz sets up next door. They break down flat for transport and storage. The canted leg design eliminates the need for fussy small pegs.