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The Dragons' Laire Culinary Guild

 No man (or woman) is an island. Without the help and backing of the Guild, and my family, little of the work presented here would have moved forward.

What is the Culinary Guild?  The guild is an informal group of persons with an interest in food, particularly the food of the Middle Ages.  We get together for discussion, cooking, and camaraderie. For a look at some of our members see The Rogues' Gallery.

Guild Activities:

Kitchen Demo: In 2003 we began a demo kitchen at our primary event Junefaire to show off medieval cookery to a mundane audience. This has become a cornerstone of the A&S village. The kitchen displays period ingredients, spices and equipment (reproduction) and produces dishes from authentic period recipes, ranging from Ancient Rome to the late Renaissance and from all over Europe. Occasionally we take a pared down version of the Kitchen to events outside the Barony. See the following pages for more on Demo Activities; Cookpics,  Bread Project and Junefaire Eats 2013

Feasts:  The guild has been the organizing force behind many feasts, receptions and luncheons within  the Barony over the years.  Although our members will often be found in the kitchen, We are not the chief cooks and bottle washers of the Barony. Recruitment of kitchen staff for any particular event is the responsibility of the autocrat and a willingness to help is usually the only criteria. for a Look at some of our past feasts see Feast Menus

Cookbooks: Over the years the guild has published a number of small cookbooks  in one of three series; Dragons' Laire Favorites-collections of recipes from members of Dragons' Laire, Story of the Feast-recipes and background information about feasts served in the branch, and now the Small Selections- dedicated to redactions of period recipes. While DL Favorites and most of the early Story of the Feast issues are out of print, the following titles are currently available:

A Small Selection of Cheese Recipes from  Medieval and Renaissance Sources as Prepared at Demos and Events  in the Barony of Dragons' Laire- an interpretation of a basic cheese recipe with 13 recipes to use your cheese.

Story of the Feast: Candlemas Cena- recipes and commentary from a Roman Feast served at Candlemas 2010

A Small Selection of  Recipes from Ancient and Medieval Sources as Prepared at Demos and Events  in the Barony of Dragons' Laire- 12 recipes mostly from the demo kitchen (currently being re-edited for a new edition)

Classes: We also sponsor classes. These are often of the hands-on variety. In the past we have learned how to make cheese, lefse, breads and worked on redactions of period recipes with delicious results. Cost for classes are borne by the students and teachers in varying ratios.

Other Activities: Perhaps one of our favorite activities is the "Night Out" when we visit local restaurants to study their technique. (OK, we go to eat.) All are welcome at any meeting.

Who can join the Culinary Guild?  Membership in the guild is not currently formalized in any fashion. If you show up regularly, we consider you a member. Everyone is welcome, come once in a while or to every meeting.   And although, we are a Guild within the Barony of Dragons Laire, participation in the Barony or in the wider SCA is not a requirement.  No fees are required.   We also have an e-list to discuss topics of interest outside meetings. to get a look at some of our members see the Rogues Gallery.

Do I have to know how to cook?  No! We welcome everyone with an interest from gourmet chefs and master brewers to people who can barely burn water. Our goal is to share our interests and skills with everyone.

Meetings: Regular Meetings are held on the first Wednesday after the first Thursday of the month. This usually translates to the second Wednesday of the Month.  Special project meetings are held on an irregular basis as needed, such as an evening prepping feast dishes, or a Saturday brewing workshop.  Either type of meeting is generally held at the home of one of the members to take advantage of a fully stocked kitchen or special equipment for projects.

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