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Here's the links to my recipes. Some we use at our major public demo, Junefaire (Medieval Faire to the Modern Public). Others have been served at feasts, revels, potlucks.  Several are regularly served on my own dining table. (* denotes recent additions)












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The recipes posted on this site are either reconstructions from period recipes, adaptations from period recipes or, in a few cases, dishes that might have been but have little concrete documentation.

Recipe titles are the ones we use locally. They may be directly from the period recipe, but are more likely ones the local guild has fallen into using to differentiate one recipe from another. Some recipes may have two sets of instructions, one for modern kitchens and one for use with a charcoal or open fire. Most are proportioned for family dinners- four to ten dinners- rather than for feasts serving a hundred or more.

I am not always very good about annotating my process, being far too likely to cook by eye, nose and tongue, but I hope these are laid out well enough for you to enjoy them on your own table, whether that be under the stars, a canvas pavilion, or apartment 3-B.    If you have any questions about the recipes, the sources or other related topics, I will be happy to discuss them.  You can contact me through this link: Rycheza z Polska

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