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For the filling:

  •    1 chicken breast cooked (8 oz cooked meat) finely chopped

  •     ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

  •     4 egg yolks

  •     ½ tsp salt

  •     1/8 tsp ground mace

  •     ¼ tsp ground pepper

Mix filling ingredients well.

Pieorgi dough for wrappers  (2 egg quantity) Found here Dumpling/noodle dough

Roll dough out thin and cut into 3 ½ inch rounds, fill with heaping teaspoon of filling, seal and pull ends around to meet.  Cook in broth (a little more than a simmer) till dumplings float and a minute more.  Makes about 30 dumplings.

 Notes: These dumplings could be made up and, prior to cooking them the broth,  frozen.  They can then be cooked, without thawing, but you need to allow a little extra time in the broth.  Four seems to be a good serving,

Original Recipe taken from Valoise Armstrong's Translation of The Cookbook Of Sabina Welserin, 1553 which can be accessed at

193 How to make chicken dumplings

Take the meat from two chickens. After it is cooked chop it finely, mix grated Parmesan cheese in with it and color it yellow and stir it together. You should also put mace and pepper into it. After that prepare a dough. Make a thin flat cake and put the above described filling on it and form it into a dumpling and join the two ends together. Cook it in broth as long as for hard-boiled eggs and serve it warm.

Translation by Valoise Armstrong.

Translation by : Lady Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

How you shall make coney crullers

Take the breasts(bret) from two hens, whom is boiled, chop it fine, take a Parmesan cheese grated combine and egg yolks gilbts/eigelb) and stir mixing up / little salt(solt) also mace(múscatblie) and pepper(pfeffer) _ (dareinthon), make after that a dough / make thin(tinnen) sheets(blatz/blatt) and _ (thiet) the above described filling on it and form it closed into a cruller and conduct the two points (zipffel/pfeil) together / boil in a broth like hard boiled egg and serve hot.

Trans notes: This recipe has been previously translated by Valoise Armstrong in 1998. I differed in my translation in two major respects. The first was her translation of the word ”gilbts‘ was to —make yellow“ the filling. . Other cooks have interpreted this to mean add saffron, or some other type of coloring. I felt that translating it as —egg yolk“ would make more sense. The modern word for egg yolk is eigelb (yellow egg). I feel this is a valid interpretation, as the yolk would make the filling a little yellow, as well as give it a softer consistancy. My second difference is that in her translation, she doesn‘t mention salt at all. Since the word ”solt‘ appears with the mace and pepper, I deduced that salt was indeed added to the filling.

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